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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by sidthekid999, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. sidthekid999

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    Forget charisma. Forget having the audience eat out of the palm of your hand. We're lucky even if they actually listen to the music.

    No, I'm just shitting.

    There must be plenty of musicians playing gigs in this forum. What do you people do during your performances that is exciting and stuff, that stands out, that is pure fun and energy? What do you do to create diehard fans? Does any band really have diehard fans?

    I assume it must be difficult to get a proper audience that would appreciate stuff beyond the basic popular rock songs(greenday, oasis etc except maiden) Has anyone ever played songs from the appetite for destruction album for a crowd?

    WHERE do you people find the charismatic performers, lead singers, who have amazing voices and real rebellious personalities? Does anyone truly try to sing like jimmy page or axl rose or bruce dickinson?
    If yes, how old are you people? Like, in college, or day jobs, or professional musicians?
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    Go out and see the world... Attend gigs... There are a lot of quality musicians here in India.

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