Staff notation of the title song of om shanti om

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  1. Aadhya

    Aadhya New Member

    I want the staff notation of the title song of
    om shanti om
  2. rsukhai

    rsukhai New Member

    Greetings to all from Holland

    Hi everyone, I am Ramesh Sukhai. living in The Netherlands since 1967 and as a hobby I sing and play keyboard in my band "Rhythm & Sound"; we play Bollywood - and Latin songs on parties (wedding, birthday etc). Sometimes it is very handy to have the songs noted in a Western Notation in order to let the other musicians play the song (especially the non-Indian fellows in my band).
    So, by joining this group I hope to get Western Notations of many Bollywood songs.

    Regards from Ramesh........

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