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if sourav had started in 1989 would he have been better than sachin?

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  1. yes

  2. no

  3. cant say

  1. anirban.d.das

    anirban.d.das New Member

    im stirring a hornet s nest for sure
    statistically i believe saurav ganguly is a better ODI player than sachin tendulkar
    sachin has been playin since 1989 while saurav started 7 yrs later in 1996 except for the one game in 92 against the west indies in australia....
    saurav has 10000+ runs approx 3000 less than sachin in 7 years less
    both of them score around 1000 runs a year so u do the math
    still we get on saurav s back wheras sachin is god
    i mean what the f**k lets be fair atleast
    plus saurav is a much better captain and human being no askin for tax redemptions for ferraris and lot more for charity
    dont get me wrong i dnt hate sachin but i hate the fact that ppl hate saurav and think sachin is not the captain bcoz of saurav
    lets be fair and give DADA a chance after all the "little master" was given 89 damn chances till he scored his 1st odi century
    and to die hard sachin fans who will probably hate me do the math and open your eyes........

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    pls make a pool ............and................sachin rulez!
  3. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Its not so much that sachin is a god, but its about how much sourav sucks.
  4. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    sachin rocks big time ...

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  6. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    if the bcci hadn't dumped gagnuly after denying him a proper chance at international cricket in the australia world cup (when it was far more difficult to get into the team - we had som 10-12 batsmen in the reckonning), then ganguly might as well have been th highest run getter in o.d.i's today.

    he wouldn't however have been a BETTER player than sachin even on his good days !!

    there probably never was and will be a player better than sachin.

    and then again, there probably never was and will be a player who's game was more suited to the 15 over rule than ganguly.

    so to get back to your question, ganguly isnt and can never be a BETTER player than sachin.

    but yes he would, and should, definitely have scored about 4000 odi runs more and about 3000 test rusns more by now - but for the revolving door policy of the jokers of the selection comittee.

    and thats a big loss to indian cricket too - imagine how much we could have benifitted had th sachin - ganguly opening pair started out 4 years before it did !!
  7. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    your poll question is "if sourav had started in 1989 would he have been better than sachin?"

    assuming you meant 1990 and not 1989 (its ganguly's own fault if he couldn't make it into the indian team at 16 like sachin did - however it isnt his fault that he was denied the chance that was given to sachin, when he- ganguly, ultimately did make his debut in australia at 18)


    assuming by "better", you mean a "higher odi run scorer'...... i could vote yes.

    else a flat "no".
  8. golisoda

    golisoda Comfortably Numb

    It is agreed that both the players are a class act. But Sachin had that edge of having a mature head at an early age. That is why he is a genius. This aspect makes the difference. If you see, many players in International cricket have the caliber similar to Sachin but dont have the maturity the boldness to face it at early age. They cannot sink the responsibility which comes with talent and fame. This is why good players are separated from great players. IMHO.
  9. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    and who may those many players be, save perhaps Lara??

    to my mind, few people do their batting more in the mind than Ganguly and Dravid. The best recent example of a mentally tough player was of course Steve waugh and in odi's, Michael Bevan.
  10. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    sachin sucks donkeynuts man. was too good 4-5 yrs back. totalyyy lost it now. doesnt ne1 agree ?
  11. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    i agree nemo... too much cricket is too bad too...sachin should think or improvise on some new shots
  12. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    Baichung Bhutia
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  13. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    Dileep Tirkey
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  14. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    sachin is definately better than saurav..;):)
  15. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    at captaincy ;)
  16. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye: words...:|:rule:
  17. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    is there even a need for this.......
    this is like a rhetorical question.......*sigh*
  18. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    ^^...I agree.......:eek::...Sachin is one like him..on one ever...shud say..
  19. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Funny how the thread starter takes half the statistics and makes them look good. While I am definitely pro-Sourav, this question does not make sense. Here are the things you left out of your statistics:

    a) The sheer rise in the amount of cricket played every year. The number of games in the first 3 or 4 years of Sachins career are probably the same as the number played in a single year these days.

    b) Batting position: Sachin started rather low down the order and stayed there for some time. Sourav started much higher up.

    c) Games against minnows: The only minnows at that point of time were Zimbabwe. Other teams were reasonably well estabalished except South Africa which started off after the ban as a rather strong side. These days you have games against Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe....not to mention others in the World Cup or Knockout.

    d) An overall degeneration of bowling conditions around the world: One Day cricket, today, is all about entertainment. You get flat pitches with little assistance to bowlers which are ideally suited for stroke-making. The people in charge want bigger games with higher scores. Things were different in the initial part of Sachins career.

    e) Change in trends: Batsmen these days have become a lot more aggresive with their approach. It is normal to see a run a ball hundred these days. Earlier, instructions from the captain were to be more defensive. I suppose, in Sachins case, we can leave out this statistic.

    f) Injuries: Over the last few years, Sachin has been increasingly absent in the One Day form of the game due to niggling injuries. Sourav has played much more cricket than Sachin in recent times.

    I could go on and on with this list but I think I'll stop here to scold you for even making a comparison. Sachin is not Sourav and Sourav is not Sachin. They have both won more matches for India than most others and will both be remembered as great exponents of the game. I wouldn't want to choose between the two. Please try and keep in mind that comparisons can be made of inanimate objects and not people.

    On a side note, If any of you watched the Star News channel with Bishen Singh Bedi as one of the speakers during the recent Indo-Pak series, I am sure you must have laughed at him and the audience as hard as I did.
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  20. anirban.d.das

    anirban.d.das New Member

    pretty interesting views guess sachin is god in india

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