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    i believe that my soul just ditched me
    for imperfections
    i believe on the other side of the mirror
    its waiting for resurrection

    so i wait along
    just staring into the mirror
    so i wait along
    trying to fight the terror

    its just pieces of me
    staring me right in the eye
    knowing they can't be
    true coz they're a part of a lie

    yet the rebel that it is
    my soul won't come back
    it stares at me
    from the shadows in the black

    so i breathe again
    trying to bear the pain
    so i smile again
    at the emptiness of my soul..

    in the hope that it might come back
    in the hope that it might accept me
    in the hope that it might just let it be...

    coz i dont want to be soulless any longer..
  2. A very keen observation ... u are very close to what ever you are stating here ..the slowness of this poem makes us as readers see whats all around and feel it.
    Simply awesome !!!

    Its a treat to read such poetry
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    thanks a lot :)

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