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    since ages
    living each day through the emotional ways
    and not allowing the mind
    to create the gap between me and world
    i was mocked at my attitude
    and became a joker on my lameness,
    degraded to my lowest level....
    and battered emotionally hearing excuses of not being pratical,
    excessive sentiments killed me
    and disgraced me....
    losing my strength to repel back what was not for me...
    painstakingly cried on the judgement meted out to me...

    i threw down the veils,
    gearing myself for being selfish
    for each truth ..
    counting the conditions on my fingers...
    for my satisfaction
    ignoring the heart talk ......closing the door forever
    of saintly preach

    standing on my toes taking out my sting
    of hatred and revenge
    waiting for the first victim .
    facsinating the happiness to see the tears
    on the eyes of others...due to me
    and i am giving consolation of being practical...

    waiting to be happy forever walking on the path
    of soul purification....feeding my soul with new options
    to be satsified.....

  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    this dosent qualifies to be good poetry....

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