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    Hello Fellow IGT'ians,

    I have been invited by a band to be a part of them. They play hindi/tamil/telugu songs. All of the band members have been playing/singing since they were really young. I met the keyboard player and their guitarist yesterday for an initial talk. The keyboard player played the guitar so cleanly and it sounded so full that i was amazed. I was just enthralled. The guitarist then did his thing and i had no words. I can barely play it clean.

    - I am good with most of the tabs/leads (bending, hammer, pull,slide)

    - I need to work a lot with rhythm especially need to sound like a whole band only using the guitar (the keyboard player did just that and if someone sang with him he would need no other instrument)

    - Have problem with barre chords. The index finger by itself sounds clean and when i have the whole chord i miss the "G" string. So playing a Gm the 3rd string on the 3rd fret (note A#) does not ring and playing a G major the 3rd string on 4th fret (note B) does not ring. This is true throughout the fretboard. Putting it simple the up yours finger needs some TLC (maybe vi..a..gra:).

    I have been assigned a task to get two songs down including chords/lead and sound full. I have already worked out the keys and know the lead of it but i still feel down compared to the keyboard player playing the guitar. The songs are

    - Brahmachari - Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke
    - Don - yeh Mera Dil

    I will tab/chord it for the IGT members but for the above mentioned reasons it does not sound good when i play it.

    Any suggestions are helpful. I have been practicing and practicing and maybe my approach needs a change.
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    dude..first of al ..gud to hear that you are gettin into a band ..that by itself is a
    big thing.

    secondly ...never compare yourself man ..its gud to see that your keyboard player is multi-talented and can play the guitar well ..but ..the fact is ..he is playin the keyboard cuz he enjoys playin it ..and u picked up the guitar because u enjoy playin it ...
    its very important man..neva compare yourself wit others just not worth it and many times it il pull u down..and if u see a guy who plays better than u ..always remember ..he has also passed the stage you are in rite now dont ever think that u cant make it to his level.

    regardin barre chords...hmm..hold any barre chord and play individual notes ..see if all the strings ring...if they dont ..most probably u aint applyin enof pressure or that ur index finger position is wrong ..
    try to place ur index finger so tht it extends further than the fretboard ....ahh..hope u got tht ??..

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