Songs with Cmaj , Am, Dm,Emaj

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  1. kittu95

    kittu95 New Member

    Guys please post sum songs with Cmaj, Emaj Dmin Amin...n easy ones
  2. saurabhrocks

    saurabhrocks New Member

    don't keep urself limited to chords,
    learn new chords.
    don't go like songs with so and so chords only

    choose any song u like
    ask urself what is ur favourite song.
    search the chords
    without vocals or simply humming
    when u get perfect at chord changes
    sing along.........

    nyway.. for starters try
    papa kehte hain
    tune mujhe pehchana nahee(raju chacha)
    woh lamhe

    try with barre chords also.practice until u finally get it.

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