Songs using A E or D chords only

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  1. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Dear all,

    I am Jayesh from Auckland, NZ, i have just started learning guitar, i just love the sound of guitar, I think its the best instrument, I just learned 3 chords A E and D.

    I was wondering if you know any songs which can be played using only this 3 chords ( A E D), prefrebly old songs (BTW i am just 34) but i still think kishore and mukesh were one of the best singers.

    Jayesh Jain
  2. latestcrush

    latestcrush New Member

    well jain jayesh....there are many songs with chords E A D

    but i am i cant provide u oldies.....kyuki maine khud nahi suna hai un gaano ko.....
    agar koi special request hai to u can send me..i'll work on dat...
    but as far as i understood yr mood...u can play these beautiful songs with E A D

    #1 roobaru(rang de basanti)


    #2jiya dhadak dhadak(kalyug)


    #3mann ki lagan(paap)


    #4 ya rabba(salaam-e-ishq)

    same progression...
    #5 Zinda(zinda)


    #6 tumse hi (jab we met)

    a no. of songs can be played using these chords...
    jz rearrange as per yr convinience....
    if u get any query do post reply....
    all d best....
  3. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----> Zhol-Man<----

    play HUM BEWAFA....E A D E.......same progression throughout..
  4. xtc1992

    xtc1992 New Member

    please give me strumming pattern of above mentioned....i can play many chords and tabs but cant figure out strumming pattern of a song after hearing it:(
  5. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank you latestcrush and abhimanjeraker,

    I havent heard some of the song in the list but i will download them today and listen to them, I just want to play a real song and feel the music, i have the same problem at xtc1992 with strumming,

    I have seen many website which list songs with chords, i am looking for a place where you can select chords and it shows a list of songs based on that chords, this can really help the newbie like me to play a song with just the chords you know.

    Can you please post some more songs on the chords above,

    Finally thank you all for your help

    Jayesh Jain
  6. rakesh_sargam

    rakesh_sargam New Member

    I think Jayesh you are looking for shortcut......which becomes longcut :) a guitarist i would suggest you to learn as many chords as possible atleast first the chods of upper frets like:

    Em(simplest chord on guitar) Am (famous to all guitarist for chura liya) G C F Dm A# and you already know A D and E.

    So I guess you can then play almost any song....and don't have to always seek A..D..E.
    Now any scale song you can play on A D E.
    Tell me any song and I can tell you to shift its scale to A D E but it would work better with songs near to A a song of G or B/C

    e.g. Darde Dil --G Scale
    Doorie-atif----A Scale
    Pehli Nazar Atif-A Scale
    Musafir hoon yaaron--C
    lamha lamha doorie you--C(I don't see to many songs in BMajor :) strange)

    list is endless....but checkout the chords on forum as I want you to learn by yourself ....and the songs are all available on youtube.......
    and i repeat ...there is never a free lunch...... so work hard :)
  7. jainjayesh74

    jainjayesh74 New Member

    Thank you

    Dear Rakesh,

    You hammered the nailed on the head.
    I am a impatient person, so that kick in my butt was necessary.

    last night I started learning more chords

    now I know A Am E Em D Dm and G

    Now this might be a really bumb question what do u mean by scale i.e A scale G scale.

    and what fdo you mean by "shift its scale to A D E but it would work better with songs near to A a song of G or B/C"

    I understand that there may not be a quick answer but if you can please point me to some article to explain me the above.

    Finally thank you for your honest advice .... i really needed one

    Jayesh Jain
  8. nikiteshjain

    nikiteshjain New Member

    giv the patterns allso..
    !! i knw da chords but dnt da patterns,,? so please..send me the patters,,
  9. nuclearsam

    nuclearsam New Member

    hi guys...

    i have also same problem... i can play many chords and easily switch between them but i can't figure out the strumming pattern myself by just listening to the songs... please suggest some methods to figure out the strumming patterns of songs...

  10. rioz4u

    rioz4u New Member

    Even I've the same problem of not getting the strumming pattern, Even I though I'm able to switch between chords..Someone please help us out..
  11. paati

    paati New Member

    Though u will find some songs.. I think u shoud learn the following easy chords:

    G, C, Am, Em
    and after that u will be in the same level as 90% of IGT subscribers. you will be all set.
  12. sjpads

    sjpads New Member

    a very common strumming pattern is D--D-U--U-D-U
    Depending on songs you can go faster or slower & add/skip a beat.
  13. Hermione

    Hermione New Member

    Hello Jayesh,
    Scale of a specific chord means octave of that chord.
    It is basic theory of guitar ,it'll be difficult to explain. plz learn it frm some1 or serach google for guitar theory.

    DRBILLA New Member

    well there are many begginer lessons in lesson forum. check those out. very helpful lessons and posts are there to understand scales strumming pattern etc. so it better to surf those threads.

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