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    Coz that’s how I’ll move on…….


    Coz that’s how I’ll move on,
    And reach my goals.
    Fulfill my dreams and I’ll grow,
    Achieving ambition and to the world I’ll show.
    Coz that’s how I’ll move on,
    And reach my goals………

    Verse 1

    Life’s a journey with loads of troubles,
    To reach the end I’ve to struggle.
    Making mistakes and learning at each step,
    I stand upright in this world of web.

    Verse 2

    I wake up each day, to touch the clouds,
    I face the thunder and at last I’m in my house.
    But still I’ve dreams and with them I go ahead,
    To reach the moon or land among stars’ bed.

    Verse 3

    But at times I’m left all alone,
    And this world seems a lone.
    My life goes sour,
    But I know I’m not that far.
    I’m sure I can make,
    To the world of fame.

    It is written by my sweet friend geetika she ain't any lyricist but bcoz i told her to write so she wrote it.
    I wud like to know wat u all think of her work
    i know she is not good but ur response are welcome and will be appreciated.
    So plsss give ur views
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    badhiya richard
    ab compose bhi kar de gaane ko...............

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