Song: Rim Zhim Gire Sawan (Manzil)

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    Song: Rim Zhim Gire Sawan
    Film: Manzil
    Strumming: ---
    Chords Used: Dm/A#/Gm/C

    Dm A# Dm
    Rim Zhim geere sawan
    Gm C
    Sulag sulag jaaye mann
    C Dm
    Bheege aaj iss mausam me
    A# C Dm
    Lagi kaisi ye aagan
    Dm A# Dm A#
    Jab ghoongrunsi bajati hai boondein
    Dm Gm A# Dm
    Aarman hamare palke na Moondein
    A# C Dm
    Kaise dekhe sapne nayan
    Dm A# Dm A#
    Mehfeelon me kaise keh de kisise
    Dm Gm A# Dm
    Dil bandh raha hai kisi ajnabi se
    A# C Dm
    Hai kya kare ab jatan

    - I hope its a good Old song!
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    I play the song in this way, if any other ways - Please say
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    Hey, U all looking at the thing & going. PLz reply, I m waiting, so that I can correct myself!!!

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