Song: Dekho by Umair Sheikh

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    Song: Dekho
    Artist: Umair Sheikh
    Tabbed by: Xee

    HI! Well, first of all this is my ever first song tht I tabbed out, I neva did such thing before so I hope I’ve done a pretty gud job. Its a pretty gud song so guyz play this song n tell me if I have done well;). These are not da original chords used in this song, these are my chords I mean I tabbed out this song to da way I liked to do. It sounds gud to me. So…….. PLAY IT N TELL ME DAMMIT :p

    PS: if u guyz dnt understand it at all *I mean strumming pattern*… so I can also put up its sound clip for u guyz. Waisey ye kaafi easy song hai :p~~. So, give it a shot

    Open Chords: Am Em C D G

    *Single downstroke strum for each chord*

    (Am)Khoie hai (Am)ye zameen (Em)Sooya aasamaa(C)
    (D)Kheti hai mujhse(C) Kya hawa(Am)

    (Am)Tum raho (Am)bass meri (Em)ye hai dil ki sada(C)
    (D)Na hona phir(C) tum judaa…(Am)

    * start strumming softly for this part*

    (C)Meri ankhoon se pyar dekhoona(D)
    (C)Mere Jalte is dil ko dekhona(D)

    * then strum fast*

    (D)howaa hoo (C)hoooooo..
    (D)howa hoo (C)hoooooo…

    (Am)Taray bhi chup gaye
    (Em)Ye kesa hai (C)samaa
    (D)Koi nahi bass
    (C)hain hum (Am)yahan

    (Am)chand lamho ki baat hai
    (Em)ye jadu ki (C)raat
    (D)kal mein kahan
    (C)tum hoge (Am)kahan

    (C)meri ankhon mein pyar dekhona(D)
    (C)mere jaltey is dil ko dekhona(D)

    (D)howaa hoo (C)hooooo
    (D)howaa hoo (C)hooooo…

    G D C (2x)

    (Am)Khoie hai (Am)ye zameen (Em)Sooya aasamaa(C)
    (D)Kheti hai suno(C) Kya hawa(Am)

    (C)Meri ankhoon se pyar dekhoona(D)
    (C)Mere dalte is dil ko ddekhona(D)

    (D)howaa hoo (C)hooo
    (D)howa hoo (C)hoooo… (4x)

    any correction or suggestion? Email me on plz n yeah remember I dnt like cheaters (copy past masters) so becareful cheaters… HAVE FUN!!!! AH!
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    Good work Xee
  4. xee

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    THNX coolgirl_babe!!!

    C'mon guyz throw ur comments on it dnt be so lazy :p. U can download this song from P A K M U S I C (dot) COM...
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    the original key for 'Dekho' is C Maj. try building a chord progression from that chord and u'll get the rest in no time. don't go into any suspended chords ... just try C,D and Em. the same chords apply in all the verses, bridge and chorus.

    Khoi hai
    ye zameen
    Soya aas-
    Kehti hai mujh
    se kya
    Hawa ...
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    oh and one more thing ... download this song as well as others from
    a couple of new songs should be available very soon.
    have fun guys!

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