Somoy (prothom songskoron)----accoustic version BY aRTcELL

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  1. Black Web

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    Somoy (prothom songskoron)----accoustic version
    Band-Artcell(sung by late Rupak)
    ONLY CHORDS{easy}
    [correct me if i'm wrong]

    ei rate ami eka
    buk bhora shudhu betha
    ei rat jeno bole amay
    amakeo nie nao
    ei rat tana nana
    amake eka phele
    ei rat lala lala
    lalala laaaaaaaa

    ANTARA[i can't figure out the lyrics but it is based on only two chords........ C# and Ab ]

    hoyni paoya kichu
    aaj sudhui ondhokar
    aaj sudhui ondhokar
    tobu jeno muktir aaaaaaaaasha......sob nirasha. [SHESHER CHORD GULO SOMPORKE I'M NOT SURE]

    you have to listen the song to play with the right rythm.

    This song is quite simple, but sounds great.
    The lyrics are not complete in this version. This was not found in
    Artcell’s album, but online.Lately lincoln made a rock version of it named 'itihas' with same chords but different lyrics first and later a solid metal touch.
    punoscho:-gaantar intro lead ta pathale bhalo hoi.

    Anybody can request me for any bangla chord combining 'dui bangla',i'll try my best to co-operate.
    ONEK DHONNOBAD...........
  2. rizz

    rizz *Always 420*

    vai eita kon version??

    artcell er album e to nai....
  3. ahr

    ahr New Member

    oh dear eta kon artcell r gaan.....:eek:: :mad: let me know....vhai ki artcell name kono notun band khulechen:think:
  4. Black Web

    Black Web New Member

    this is not in any artcell album....i found it in online
    onek purono gaan originally sung by rupok
    porer version ta ki tomra nischoy shunecho,jar naam 'itihas'!!!
    ei gaanta itihaaser shuroor motoi.....

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