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    Sometimes, there's no better way to say it.
    You hide. In your books, in your films.
    In anything that will distact your mind,
    and make you feel alright.
    You hide. You don't worry.
    You're preparing for a war.
    But, you're always just preparing for war.
    Inside, you wait. Inside, it's warm.
    Your castle, your fort, built of flimsy walls,
    that deflect and reject life,as it beckons and calls.
    Sometimes, there's no better way to say it, child.
    You just don't have the balls.
  2. i liked it ...!!!

    only thing i dont understand in many of such themes ...what does the author mean by life ... all said and done everyone is living one and in creative people the tendency to hide comes for the reason to avoid un-necessary burden of "wow" or "damm" ..isnt it?
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    Ah, well, I think of life as a series of happenings between birth and death. Technically, we all have the option to passively or actively participate in these happenings, but there's no avoiding it.
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    Also, thank you. :)
    I appreciate the comments because they're encouraging. I love writing and this is a nice outlet.
  5. i belong to a less crowded region... and i like lonely places ... this place is awesome ..not many read fewer comment :p

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