Sometimes I Find It Hard

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  1. such is life

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    Sometimes I find it hard
    Just to think about the pain
    Of everything we went through
    And never will again
    But even though I’m still
    Living in your memory
    I think it’s finally time
    I set myself free

    No longer will I get emotional
    When I realize you're not there
    And that you're never coming back
    And that you never really cared
    But I just want to make sure you know
    That I’ll never ever blame you
    For I know all you've been through
    And how there’s no way it couldn't change you

    Sometimes I think I’ll be okay
    Time passes and feelings lessen
    But then it builds back up
    And I slowly reach depression
    Old habits die hard
    And new habits are harder to form
    That’s why I always slip and fall
    The endless cycle becomes norm

    It’s just so hard to forget all the memories
    All those secrets that were spoken
    I gave you my heart
    But you returned it to me broken
    You’d think I’d have learned by now
    Not to make those same mistakes
    But it’s just too hard to learn
    from empty smiles disguised by fakes

    You always gave me false assurances
    That everything would be okay
    But then everything started crumbling
    And you just went away
    Leaving me to deal with
    This mess you left behind
    Trying to put the pieces together
    But there’s parts missing I’ll never find
  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Another sad addition ... the lines go swift ... and it actually conveys your confused state of mind !!!

    i loved the line where u said "You always gave me false assurances" ... i personally like this part of human spirit, people who try to make things better who dream of a better tomorrow and convey their dreams ... when ever i wake up early and look at the rising sun ( although it happens rarely ) i often feel that this morning is because of those who told their loved onse that the night will fall and there will be light !!

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