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    Hello Everyone

    I m a new member for Indian Guitar Tabs. I am a beginner and learning Guitar for last 2 months. I had just finished C,D,E,F,G,A,B Major and few songs like Ek haseena thi, Tujhe dekha to ye jaan sanam etc.

    My problem is I am not able to understand the tab language posted in forums. Please please please somebody please help me to understand this as in which finger to use, which fret to play etc.

    I know i m askin foolish but really i m not able to understnd it. My trainer trains me with all details like Fret No + String No + Finger + Strokes

    Please help

    Looking forward to reply..................
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    Well this is a copy from another post that might help u . If u need somethin more specify it giving example......

    1. First of all, there are 6 lines, each representing a string on your guitar.

    E--------------------------------------- (1st string)
    B--------------------------------------- (2nd string)
    G--------------------------------------- (3rd)
    D--------------------------------------- (4th)
    A--------------------------------------- (5th string)
    E--------------------------------------- (6th/last string)

    2. The numbers represent the frest on your fretboard.


    This tab tells you to pluck open strings from the last to the first and then return to the last after which you play the first fret on each string in the order 6 st string - 5th - 4th - 3rd - 2nd - 1st.

    E----------------0--1--------------------- (1st string)
    B-------------1--------3------------------ (2nd string)
    G----------2--------------2--------------- (3rd)
    D-------2--------------------0------------ (4th)
    A----0----------------------------------- (5th string)
    E-0-------------------------------------- (6th/last string)

    This tab tells you to play 6th and 5th string open and then the second fret on 4th and 3rd strings and open 1st string. Then you return playing the 1st fret on 1st string and so on as shown.

    Extra Tab Symbols that might help.

    h - hammer on
    p - pull off
    b - bend string up
    r - release bend
    / - slide up
    \ - slide down
    v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~)
    t - right hand tap
    x - play 'note' with heavy damping

    on tabs u will see it as this:


    going down its thin to thick as u like to put it
  3. vivek.gaur0816

    vivek.gaur0816 VivekLoveRock....

    refer tehse links ..they will surely help u learn a lot....
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    nice try bro...

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