Some more chords of OLD bengali songs...

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    Some more chords of OLD bengali songs for you.....Many of us doesn't like these songs

    anymore..[even may not have heard too!!!!]; but i still hope that people will again start

    listening to "SONGS" and NOT "MUSIC" !!!!!!!!!!...The bands demanded [from years ago] that

    they have brought a "FLOW" to bengali songs...i guess the flow was of only a POND...and not

    even a RIVER....OCEAN is still a fairy tale for them and will remain like that forever.

    Huh...still some people shaking their heads with long long hair[colorful!!!] and trying to

    kill the guitar...[not to play it...!!!]....Long live BENGALI MENTALITY...a mixture of some

    fu**ing culture !!!!

    ANyway here are the chords for you that i was telling about....

    1] Kotodin Pore ele - Am/D/C/G/F/E/A...

    2] Tare Bole Dio - Eb/Bb/Ab/Cm...

    3] Shamla Gayer Kajla Mayee - Ab/Db...B/Cm...

    4] Chonchol Mon Anmona - Ab/Db/Eb...

    5] Sei Gaan - F#m/E/A/G/C#m...

    6] Ja re Ja Re Ure Ja Re Pakhi - Am/F/G/E7...

    7] Modhu Malati - Db/Ab/Bb/F#...

    8] Ranar Choleche - E/B/A/E....D/G/C...

    9] Poth Harabo Bolei Ebar - A/E/D/E...A/E/D/C/A...Em/D/C/A...

    10] Sadher Lau - A/E/D...

    Thank you for your kind support for all these years. Also i would like to express my

    deep,sincere gratitude to all my IGTians and all the moderators of IGT for their tremendous

    encouragement for me to keep on posting more and more and more and.........

    Hope that iam keeping my promise...and i further hope that i'll keep on doing this as long

    as me and IGT last!!

    Thanks again!
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    thnx arindam da...............
    great post
    your signature is great too !!!
  3. kuntalm

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    Can you provide the chord for "Pora Banshi Shunle E Mon Aar" by Asha Bhonsle??
    Please Please Please ???
  4. chandan_gaan

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    Thanks u arindam da..
    great chords.. :beer:
  6. chandan_gaan

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  7. bcb

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    Hi Arindom da,
    Could you please provide cord of Lalon's song??????????????
    Will be very happy:)..........


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