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Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by vishwa_81us, Dec 24, 2005.

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  1. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Hi Mods,

    I have some imp feedbacks:

    1> If some person misbehaves in any thread my posting some adult stuff.. then there must be some rights given to the thread owner to lock that particular person form posting in that thread instead of closing the thread itself.

    solution: Zoom wat u can do is that u can keep an option in the thread properties just like we have in some IMs like yahoo messanger by which we can lock an user from posting in that thead.. and that right should be given to thread creartor.. if the thread creator misbehaves.. then close the thread...

    2> why right click is disabled while opening a thread? i mean to say i m not able to do a right click on the thead and select open in new window.. so at a time a user can open only one IGT window.. does this is related to buisness strategy ??

    3> There shud be a way to steal reputations too.. just like stealing points :p:
    ( don't take this point seriously kidding )

    But I expect serious replies for 1 & 2 ...

    What other IGTians feel about them...

    Vishwa :cool:
  2. guitarangela

    guitarangela gran'ma

    so for the first one, u can't actually provide ur own opinions.......and only some people can reply to u thread who sounds good to u.....ok.......
    second one, i agree.......
  3. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    1] Locking people from posting in threads, what a brilliant way to start fights.

    2] Yes its a big buisness strategy, infact we will be making our next billion anytime soon just due to that. :)
  4. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    ok.. then mods..

    Why don't they block the user who creates problem in a thread instead of deleting it.. thread shud not be deleted only because of some users.. i hope u agree neo..
  5. What a site... everyone thinks the other person is dumb. @Vishwa - Didn't this idea come up in your head because it does good to you and NOT because it does good to IGT? I've noticed all your threads get closed because of some other person fiddling around. So is that why you want this ''lock'' system for your threads?
  6. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    I Cant Copy And Paste The Tabs From This Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why Is That?????????
  7. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    why were you trying to copy and paste tabs u could post em elswhere and proclaim as them being your own????:think:
  8. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    NO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    So that i could copy them to MS WORD and then take a printout.
    and then file them
    that way i need not log on to the net each time i want the tab.
    and besides the printable version dosent go smoothely on m comp. thats why!!!
  9. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    @ vishwa and Neo
  10. @ujsen
    looks like u dont no much stuff bout computers...?lol
  11. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b>

    omg!... mods deleted my post... !! nevermind :annoyed: :annoyed:
  12. shak

    shak Harrr!

    the first suggestion is not so good cuz then people will start banning users from their threads for whom they have a dislike .. and well i wont be invited to post in any thread .. but thts another story ..
    second one ... well you should know that this is very important to understand that anything that comes into action at IGT has a proper logic behind it! .. i wouldnt ask twice!
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