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    Hammer On / Pull Off

    Hammer on's and pull off's are very useful tools. A hammer on is used to create 2 or more notes while only actually picking the string once. Okay, try this. pick one time on the 0'th fret of the 5'th string from the bottom and then drop your finger to the 2'nd fret of the same sting without picking it.

    Practice that some. Use it on some scales, mess around with it! Yeah. Now then the lesson will move to pull-off's which is similar to a hammer on's... only backwards. Sound the second fret of the fourth string from the top and pull off your finger which will leave it on the zeroeth fret.

    Before long you'll be smokin' the fretboard with this stuff. How about practicing cool stuff like
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    Okay, so your reading a tab you see a bunch of numbers and hey, you can handle that but then suddenly, with no trace of warning Boom! there's a weird b thing! Aaaaaghhh!!! What do you do? Where are you? What's your name? In this lesson you will learn what bending is and how to bend, (yes that's what b means.)

    First correct way to bend.

    Put one of fingers on the 4'th fret one on the 3'rd and one on the 2'nd of the G string and push the string. It takes a while to get right but like everything else on here it is well worth it in the long run. I am telling u to use first and secod fretting finger as it gives support.

    Okay, let's take a look at a Tourniquet riff from the honkin' cool song "Twilight" off their old Vanishing Lessons album.


    Bending is mainly used in rock, blues, metal and country music, (although it doesn't ever sound any good in the latter.) It's a technique that will vastly enhance your soloing for the better. So what are you staring at your computer for, go practice!!!
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    Hey, wanna learn how to do harmonics? Here it goes.

    What is a harmonic?
    You may ask. Well, a harmonic is a beautiful effect used mainly on acoustic guitars that provide a warm, rich sound.

    How do you do it?
    A harmonic is formed by fretting a note but not actually pressing the string down to the fretboard, but sort of muting it instead. Then, as you pick the note you let your finger pull off, creating a chime-like tone. Harmonics usually have "hot spots" on the fretboard where the are easier to sound. An example would be the 12th fret, which can be used like this:


    By the way, h meams harmonic in tab. You might also see it as *in some tabs. Practice that allot. It probably won't come naturally at first but over time you'll get it and when you do it will have a lot of applications in your music. Here's one last example.

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    Nice lessons dude i got all of them on my guitar one more thing i will like to know about the reverbrate (r), and there is one good one is , i don't know what you call it, i call it dribbling like u pluck on one string at very fast rate like in Pal Pal Har Pal---Munna Bhai 7---9----16----14( dribbling)---16-----14(dribbling)------16------14------9----14-----12-----14(dribbling) all on the sixth to master in that one

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