some advise for tuning the guitar with floating termelo system

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    hi folks, i want to share few problems gegarding tuning the guitar with floating termelo system, i have five guitars now, one the acoustic i bought from a local band way back in 1997, second one the yamaha pacifica(electric guitar) with fixed termelo syatem and this is my most favourite guitar, third one is semi electric i really hate this, ibanez jem 777 which my friend gave me as a gift i have rarely used this and now ibanez rg series guiotar which i bought on 15 july on the birthday of joe satriani, the reason for given u the details is that i ve comeacros tunning all these every one have different systems bu same tuning method, to tune a guitar i prefer a digital tunner that mannual tuning by ear but i think tuning by digital tuner is more accurate(anyways this is my thinking) ok back to the real problem while tunig the guitars with floating termelo system first of all i suggest to use four springs instead of two or three for tension and then unloak the neck locking ans release the tension of string to zero than start tuning fron E string and then A ,D, G, B, e to some high tension then lock the neck lockingand check the tuning again and readjust it fron fine tuning knobes at the bridge of the guitar and in this way u have done.

    A note by begginers, while tuning a string u come across the same note by tightening the screw e.g. while tuning B string when u tune u get b note if u go on tighten it u come across two more positions for b and than the string breaks, my advise is to tune the string at the lowest note.

    Any suggession or queries, its my pleassure, feel free.
    warm regards :cool:

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