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  1. roentgen

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    Just heard this song from the upcoming new release, Kumki.
    Pallavi is nicely done by Imman. Worth a listen.


    Solli(Gm)tale ava (Eb)kaadhala... (Eb..F)..
    Sollum (Gm)pothey sugam (Eb)thaanala.... (Eb..F)..
    Ithu (Gm)pol oru vaarthaiye (F)yaaridamum nenju (EbM7)kekalaaaaa
    Ini (Gm)veroru vaarthaiye (F)ketidavum enni (EbM7)paakalaaa
    Ava (Cm)sonna solle (Dm)pothum
    Athu(Bb)kkeede illai (Cm)


    Only bass notes, but can use chords provided.
    (Gm)Ammaiaval sonna sol kekala
    Appanavan sonna sol kekala
    (Cm)Unnodaya (Eb)solla (D)kaeten
    (Cm)Rendu pera (Eb)onna (D)paathen
    (Only bass, can use EbM7)Manasaye thoranthu sonna
    Ellaame (F)kidakuthu ulagathu(D7)la
    (EbM7)Varuvatha (F)eduthu son(EbM7)na
    Santhossam (Cm)mulaikuthu idhayathu(D7)la

    chords start again
    Ada (Cm)sonna solle (Dm)pothu
    Athu(Bb)kkeedae illai (Cm)

    Chord variation at the end

    Solli(Gm)tene iva (Eb)kaadhala.... (Eb..F)
    Sollum (Gm)pothey sugam (Eb)thaanala..... (Eb...F)
    Idhu (Gm)pol oru vaarthaiye (F)yaaridamum solla (EbM7)thonala
    Ini (Gm)veroru vaarthaiye (F)pesidavum ennam (EbM7)kudala
    Unth(EbM7)anbe onre (F)pothum
    Athar(G#dim)keede illai (Cm)

    Rajesh :music:
  2. rajeshguitar

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    Good song, chords, thank you
  3. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks for the posting Rajesh. Imran has scored it really nice in this movie............. Sathya
  4. Ramsk0408

    Ramsk0408 New Member

    Tabs for this pls... Also if possible can you guys get the tab for aiyayao song from the same movie (Kumki)
    I love the song alot nd wish to play in my guitar..!! :)
  5. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Is this Minor scale based song or starts with a minor scale where the root chord is major.

    If I tab the song, I am comfortable with g3, which indicates a Major scale.

    I am able to get the song in r2 g3 .... m1 p / g3 m1 ..... d1 n2 S (for Sollittale ava kadhala)

    Rajesh - Your view please (Can you try these in key board) .......................... Sathya
  6. roentgen

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    Hi Sathya,
    I'm not familiar with carnatic notations, so not sure if I can help. But yes, this is a minor scale song (melodic minor).
    In Gm scale, the notes used are G, A, A#, C, D, D# and F. F# is used in one or 2 places (as is the D major chord).
    A reference link: What are the notes in a G minor scale
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks Rajesh for the clarification. I will try again ----------- Sathya

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