Sohni Kudi-IMIK chords

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  1. Hi guys u can download this song from or from
    I think its is in E scale and da chords r

    E,F#m and G#m

    wel i figured out only this much pls do tell if its right or not if not then pls post da right thing
  2. come guys this not fair ok if have not done a good work its alright but atleast reply
  3. firebolt1990

    firebolt1990 New Member

    hey man....ur chords sound correct but think this one sounds better...though i think its not the real scale but it sounds good!

    (G)Ai soorien (D)kuri sada (C)dil lagay(D)ee.....

    try it out!
  4. Hey thanks man for replying
    i will try your chords thanks again man
  5. hey thanks man for replying i will try out your chords thanks again
  6. firebolt1990

    firebolt1990 New Member

  7. yup they r nice but my chords were good weren't they????

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