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  1. sagarsharma007

    sagarsharma007 New Member

    hey guys,i found this cool software which displays the tabs and chords of any song you want for guitar and keyboard. its called "Guitar Pro 5". a free trial version is available at the website, google it.

    all you need to do is open the program and important the midi file for the song and you get the notes in tabs. it also shows the position of those notes on the fretboard or keyboard. its really great. (psssss... full version can also be obtained at torrent or email me at sagarsharma007 at rediffmail dot com)
  2. ru4me

    ru4me New Member

    any one need this guitar pro ful version with key????????? i can provide him
  3. parth garg

    parth garg New Member

    Bhai plaese mujhe key chaahiye..
  4. manmay1

    manmay1 New Member

    dude i'll be more than happy to have the guitar pro ful version with key.let me know how to.
  5. HannibalX

    HannibalX New Member

    is guitar pro such a new discovery :O
  6. sufi123

    sufi123 New Member

    hi gyus ...
    guitar pro 5 is d best software i've ever seen..
    u can download it using bitt contains over 22,000 tabs n related videos in it..

  7. aradhya(blue)

    aradhya(blue) New Member

    ru4me?! DEDO BHAI!
  8. sharadsh

    sharadsh New Member

  9. funkar

    funkar New Member

    Hey bro please mail me the software at

  10. sijoo_joseph

    sijoo_joseph New Member

  11. flksher

    flksher New Member

    man you can all get the full version from the rapidlibraryXcom
    put dot in the place of X.
    search the file there and download it from rapidshare
  12. avinash.khatua

    avinash.khatua New Member

  13. fahim2003

    fahim2003 New Member

    guitar pro is around for ages, its not new man, you were just ignorant about it..

    I have the GP5 pro, very handy software.
  14. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

  15. softspeak2003

    softspeak2003 New Member

    software needed

    Hi Sagar.,

    pls send me the s/w @


  16. saikat.ajax

    saikat.ajax New Member

  17. sijoo_joseph

    sijoo_joseph New Member

  18. jensonjim

    jensonjim New Member

    its a fake thing. atleast can any one say how to use it plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. jensonjim

    jensonjim New Member

    can any one say methods to do it???????????///
  20. linux_lover

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