so confused...

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  1. @bhi

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    So confused...

    I know its me, its not you
    I think its love, tho I feel its not true
    I know its there, but you dont show,
    Or its just that you put up a good show.
    I dont know I am confused,
    Should I keep you or let you go.

    Things are so different now,
    In few weeks you changed somehow,
    Your smile is still the same,
    But its not for me
    Those sparkling eyes
    They dont shine for me.
    your lips are still soft,
    but they dont talk to me.

    I am not insecure, I am jus worried,
    I thought I found love,
    I thought I found you,
    I know its me and
    I know its you too.
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  2. walk_alone

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    u surely have been hurt by someone......keep the emotions rolling u wd feel better after sometime.
  3. @bhi

    @bhi New Member

    thanks for the comment man...i appreciate it!
  4. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    hey good line im so confused....
    jaha kudiyaan vaha kanfusion kunki no kanklusion..
    lage raho

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