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    I might have caught it wrong,
    But often when my left cant make much to compare,
    And the right is short of words,
    It makes someting to create a sense,
    Like u, as a whole..
    You are the smell of the coockies,
    This smell I remember from the backery called eloras,
    It was right behind the football ground,
    The old lady with her British accent & mannerism,
    Cookies per 2 rs that used to be costly,
    I never had enough in my khakee half pants,
    But the lady always gave 2 for whatever money i had,
    And it filled my hunger with that amazing taste,
    Ohh yes the smell, though years after,
    But i somehow whenever tired and sweated,
    That sweet smell of cookies as i look at u.
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  3. monica_decosta

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    Thanks. U play awesome leads
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    And you write awesome poetry
  5. i'm_not_neo

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    Is this based on reality?

    Nevertheless, it took me there :)
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    I do love cookies...honey...

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