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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by ronnieanand, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I have been having this song Smoke On The Water - Black Sabbath which was recorded Live with the Black Sabbath's Born Again Line Up. The line up was

    Tony Iommi - Guitar
    Ian Gillan - Vocals
    Geezer Butler - Bass
    Bev Bevan - Drums
    Geoff Nichols - Keyboards

    The song is pretty much same as the Deep Purple's original one. But Iommi plays those Power Chord Triads through the verse much harder, so it sounds a bit heavy. I guess even the intro is a Power Chord Triad where as the original was played as Fourth Diads. The guitar solo is a pretty different one. The original solo of Blackmore was played over G5 G5 C5 G5 chord progression. Blackmore actually plays the solo in three different keys. :nw: . Starts with a G Minor then goes to C Minor and then goes to C Dorian. Now you know why he is God. In an interview, John Lord once said that when Blackmore had composed this solo, the whole band thought it's impossible to play that solo over this progression. Then everybody felt okay because Blackmore had done and they knew he could do the impossible. The notes might have been easier but serious compositional complexity is hidden behind that simple to not so simple solo. I know several dumb guys who say that they dont see anything great about that solo. I have nothing to say that "Suit Yourself" to those guys. Anyway Iommi solo in this song is also pretty interesting. Stylistically he tried to incorporate a bit of Blackmore along with his signature style of playing. So it's a real nice alternate solo if any one of you want to play a different solo or a second solo to the same song but not enthu enough to make your own. A good one to listen for any Black Sabbath fan.

    Today I just searched the web for a little more information about this and I stumbled upon this site.

    Surprising to see that Black Sabbath has released a Live Bootleg in the name of Smoke On The Water.

    Any of you happen to have this Bootleg. I think it's out of production and will be a nice addition to your collection.

  2. dharmatma

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    @ronnie---i will try to look for it ..

    and yes..dharmatma clip in indian rock forum..plz give it a listen.dhanywad.
  3. ssslayer

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    Gm -> Cm -> C dorian?
    isnt that the same as
    Gm -> Cm -> Gm ??

    so he only raises the solo passage by a fourth (guess that is pretty common amongst guitarists and singers) ...

    anyway i dont go into any technicalities ... I LOVE THAT SONG/RIFF/SOLO ...
  4. ronnieanand

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    Yep. Ssslayer Spot on.

    Gm -> Cm -> Gm is the same. Increasing the pitch by a fourth as you say is pretty common. But not changing the scale is common. If your notice the Rhythm G5 to C5 shift is pretty common. Normal soloing would be using the strong notes of the Rhythm during the chord changes for the solo contruction. Dont you think it was pretty wierd to change the whole scale of soloing for just a chord change. Also notice the Rhythm does not change for the scale change for the solo. A lot of moving progressions are common but this one is different.

    Or maybe I am too dumb :) :beer:
  5. ssslayer

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    actually am too dunce to get into all the technicalities ...

    so i just listen n say Blackmore rocks ... Deep purple rocks ... havent heard em for ages ... first thing to do tonight ... is to switch 'em on ...

    yo ronn ... yo Balckmore ... yo purple ... (ok yo rainbow too ;))
  6. Alfons

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    i've heard Ozzy doing Blue Shude Shoes by Elvis

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