Smoke On The Water(Acoustic)Guitar Chords

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    Acoustic Guitar Version by( jimihndrx):
    Song- Smoke On The Water(1972)
    Artist, Music & Lyrics- Deep Purple

    Main Riff (divided in 3 parts):
    1. (G5)..(Bb5)..(C5)
    2. (G5)..(Bb5)..(C#5)..(C5)
    3. (G5)..(Bb5)..(C5)..(Bb5)..(G5)

    We (Gm)all came out to (Bb)Montreux on the (C)Lake Geneva (Gm)shoreline..
    to (Gm)make records with a (Bb)mobile (C)we didn't (F)have much (Gm)time

    (Gm)Frank Zappa and the (Bb)Mothers were (C)at the best place a(Gm)round..
    but (Gm)some stupid with a (Bb)flare gun (C)burned the (F)place to the (Gm)ground

    (Cbar)Smoke on the (Eb)water
    (Fbar)A fire in the (Gm)sky..
    (Cbar)Smoke on the (Eb)water

    main riff continues(and Ritchie Blackmore becomes Immortal:cool:) .

    Rest of the song is same.

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