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    I just received the DVD today from Amazon and it's possibly the best Slayer concert I've ever seen on tape.

    I'll give you guys and girls and quick review of it.

    As many of you have heard Slayer's famous "Wall Of Blood" effect has been done on this DVD and I must say it's absolutely crazy. By the time they finish playing Raining Blood, the boys are completely soaked in theatrical blood.

    The highlight of the DVD is of course the fact that Slayer play the the entire 'Reign In Blood' album. 30 minutes of non-stop madness, recorded at the Augusta Civic Centre in Augusta, Maine. That alone is worth the price sticker on this DVD. The DVD kicks off with the classic thrasher 'Angel Of Death' (it's nice to have Dave back on the skins....and there's no questioning his abilities as you'll see in the final seconds of Angel Of Death). Then comes my second favorite track on the album: the much underrated Piece By Piece, closely followed by the fastest track on the album 'Necrophobic'. 'Altar Of Sacrifice' and 'Jesus Saves' are great tracks and the live performance doesn't disappoint. Jeff and Kerry play the solos almost perfectly. There's no letting up from the furious assault as 'Criminally Insane', 'Reborn' and 'Epidemic' come crashing in. Another great song 'Postmortem' sets the perfect atmosphere for the ultimate concert closer. You know there's no escaping, as the now famous 'DUN DUN DUN' fill begins to play. The closer has to be seen to be believed. The energy is just.....just......indescribable. When Tom screams 'Now I shall reign in blood', blood pours from the sky and makes for an incredible effect. :nw:

    The DVD also features bonus tracks. It seems a little strange because these so-called bonus tracks appear to be the first part of the same show. It seems like they started doing the 'Reign In Blood' set after they played the last track from this 'bonus set'. My favorite Seasons track 'War Ensemble' opens the show. Dave does a great job with the double bass fill in this song. Fantastically executed as are other crowd favorites 'Hallowed Point', 'Necrophiliac', the classic 'Mandatory Suicide', 'Spill The Blood' and the incredible 'South Of Heaven title track.

    Also included is a short interview with Slayer titled 'Slayer In Their Own Words'. Production and mixing are both very good. The drums sound quite clear and crisp and you can actually hear Tom's bass for once. Thank you. Another thing I really really liked about this DVD was the fact that they did not play anything from after 'Seasons In The Abyss' (I'm a sucker for that typical 80's sound ;)). Fantastic price for the DVD too. Finally Tom sounds a hell of a lot better than he did on 'War At The Warfield'. He totally nails the scream in 'Angel Of Death' despite his age. Great job.

    Final thoughts: If you are a Slayer fan and have even an ounce of decency left in you, you will get this DVD. :rockon:

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