Slavery To Spontaneity

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    Looking back into darkness,
    I know the dampness that surrounds
    Is sweat..not blood..I'm breathing.
    Surrounded by pitch-black..
    Going forward is never difficult.
    Never having used clothes,
    shedding skin is not painful.
    Today I'm born..out of linearity.
    Facing the daylight in a state of trance..
    applying a linear equation to the curves of reality
    Today,I'm live,to mess up.
    So today,I choose to mess up.
    The problem with freedom,
    is that it can captivate you..
    I'm a victim of impulse..spontaneity is life.
    Smack your wrist,find that vein..
    My piece of heaven for a hint of pain.
    I swirl,I dance..hit the ground hard.
    And I feel I'm alive.
    Today,I want to be reborn.
    Captivating impulse to impulsive captivity..
    My slavery to spontaneity..
    My heart beats in rhythm of it's own..
    Ready to fall in love.ready to just fall.
    My eyes still eager..a daydream,my feet pursue.
    Trapped in a clock of a never-ending deja vu.
    I find it hard to stop..for I never really ran.
    Just darkness,I've survived.
    Or maybe it was blood..
    And this is my struggle..for survival,
    for rebirth..
    But letting go of a mere mirage
    of power..of control..I've never felt so free.
    Planning is an illusion of hope.
    Or my way out of this lucid dream.
    I have no clue if I'm surviving or dying..
    I set the alarm for a 'tomorrow morning' again.
    Smack my wrist,find that vein..
    My piece of heaven,for a hint of pain..
    Today: The alarm goes off..
    Today: my eyes are already open.
  2. metalhead_junky

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    could'nt you just use paragraphs? they seem sooooooo compressed......
  3. really not effortless... i hv observed mostly ppl write too much when they dont want others to understand the simple lines ....watever reps added !!
  4. horsesmouth

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    its good but i agree there should've been paragraphs....comfortable read...

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