Skewed geometry

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  1. monica_decosta

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    hows this geometry so skewed
    may be over the years the line and the circle
    have screwed up the relationship
    may be the other screwed up figures have pushed them
    or the vast nothingness of this clean page like which i write
    has made them soo lonely ..
    the circle still has managed to stabilize
    may be its her figure which meets the eyes, gives her a false excuse of being stable
    at-lest by the other figures
    but the line
    the straight line
    the shortest distance
    it cant stand alone it has never done very well that way
    can you ever see a straight line in any natural figure
    it needs the curve of the circle
    to be shaped for a soothing look
    some bigger lines just came around a bunch of lines and captivated them
    some clean places are reserved for stronger lines
    lines have developed an arrow head over them
    a head that has taken over the real head
    squeezed twisted banged bruised secluded
    battling for survival some arrowheads
    have gone crazy
    the dark-side of paper has adopted them
    and move in groups to violate the circle, tear it, temper it
    revenge the dejected need labeled as greed
    if they ask why tell them thats extream nature of lines
    when they cant find circles to mold them
    when they dont stick with geometry to hold them ..
    where is my eraser...
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  2. horsesmouth

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    That's awe-fvcking-some!

    I would have repped it ten times over if I could!

    I have never seen such lucid poetry, especially one involving metaphor!

    Got to be the best of yours, probably the best one posted on IGT in a long long time!
  3. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

  4. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    that was really geometrical guess :p:

    on a serious note..its very well written..
    unconventional is the word for it i think.. different.. :)
  5. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    ^ thanks nandy

    i just saw the date i'm here from 2006 ..Isn't it a long time !!!
  6. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    damn ..6 years!
    i followed u up 4 years later though :p:
  7. monica_decosta

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    ya 6 years even more .. i stick around people/place for soo long that ultimately all others leave :D

    "i followed u up 4 years later though :p" > Pleasure is all mine mam.. personas like urs care to follow we mortals !! :p
  8. nandy0894

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    hehe..iv been using this site before 2009..but i hadnt registered then :p:

    anddd...hehhe.. *blush blush * ^_^

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