Sir Eric Clapton Songs Chords (Tears in Heaven, Layla, Wonderful Tonite)

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    Hi Friends,

    I'm Ravi from Dubai and have been playing the guitar since over a year now.
    I've never enjoyed playing anyone more than Sir Eric Clapton. I just love
    the smooth chord changes and the ease at which his songs can be sung while
    playing simultaneously. I regard him as the best guitarist ever known to the
    face of this earth... I dedicate this contribution to him... Hope you guys
    enjoy it!!!

    1) Tears in Heaven

    I fingerpick it [2 beats per pattern]. There are a couple of places where a
    chord only gets 1 beat - I usually just squeeze the chord [pluck the 4
    strings I would've picked simultaneously].

    | A E/G# |F#m A| D A | E |
    Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven

    | A E/G# |F#m A| D A | E |
    Would it be the same if I saw you in Heaven

    | F#m | C#/E# | Em | F# |
    I must be strong and carry on

    | Bm |E7sus E7 | A E/G# |
    Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven

    | F#m A | D E7sus E7| A |

    | C G/B | Am D | G D | Em D G |
    Time can bring you down Time can bend your knees

    | C G/B | Am D | G D | E |
    Time can break your heart Have you beggin please beggin please

    There's more lyrics - but this'll give you the basic chord structure.
    The |'s are my attempt at giving a mild sense of rhythym - there's
    4 beats between |'s. G/B means a G chord with a B in the bass.
    I finger both the E/G# and the C#/E# chords in a open D chord shape
    with the thumb wrapped around to the 6th string. Like this:

    C#/E# The E/G# is the same thing played at the
    --X-X------ 4th fret
    T | | 1 | 2
    | | | | 3 |

    Eric's version is of course full of little runs and such! I hope this
    helps get you started!!!!!

    2) LAYLA (Eric Clapton & Jim Gordon)

    ||: Am F G Am :|| Am F G Abm

    Abm Ebm
    What will you do when you get lonely
    Abm G A B
    With nobody waiting by your side
    C#m F# B E
    You've been running and hiding much too long,
    C#m F# B
    You know it's just your foolish pride.

    E Am F G Am
    CHORUS: Layla, you got me on my knees.
    Am F G Am
    Layla, I'm begging darling please.
    Am F G Am F G
    Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind.

    Abm Ebm
    Tried to give you consolation,
    Abm G A B
    Your old man won't let you down
    C#m F# B E
    Like a fool, I fell in love with you,
    C#m F# B
    Turned the whole world upside down


    Abm Ebm
    Let's make the best of the situation
    Abm G A B
    Before I fin'lly go insane.
    C#m F# B E
    Please don't say we'll never find a way
    C#m F# B
    And tell me all my loves in vain

    Abm: xx6444
    Ebm: xx4342
    C#m: x35543

    3) Wonderful Tonight

    G D C D G D C D

    G D
    It's late in the evening
    C D
    She's wondering what clothes to wear
    G D
    She puts on her make up
    C D
    And brushes her long blond hair
    C D
    And then she asks me
    C Bm Em
    Do I look alright
    And I say yes
    D G D C D
    You look wonderful tonight

    G D
    We go to a party
    C D
    And everyone turns to see
    G D
    This beautiful lady
    C D
    That's walking around with me
    C D
    And then she asks me
    G Bm Em
    Do you feel alright
    And I say yes
    D G
    I feel wonderful tonight

    I feel wonderful
    D G Bm Em
    Because I see the love light in your eyes
    C D
    And the wonder of it all
    C D
    Is that you just don't realize
    G D C D G D C D
    How much I love you

    G D
    It's time to go home now
    C D
    And I've got an aching head
    G D
    So I give her the car keys
    C D
    She helps me to bed
    C D
    And then I tell her
    G Bm Em
    As I turn out the light
    I say my darling
    D G Em
    You were wonderful tonight
    Oh my darling
    D G D C D G D C D G
    you were wonderful tonight

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    the non-transposed version of Layla for those who are interested.
    its only the chords as i really can't be bothered to type out the complete tabs and that you can find them all over the web

    [font=courier new]
    main riff:
    D5 C5 Bb5 A5 Bb5 C5 G5 C5 D5
    C#m                                     G#m            C#m
    What will you do when you get lonely
              C                D         E1
    With nobody waiting by your side
    F#m            B              E2              A
    You've been running and hiding much too long,
    F#m             B            E2       A
    You know it's just your foolish pride.
    and its pretty much the same for the rest of the song.
    A5 x022xx
    Bb5 x133xx
    C5 x355xx
    D5 x577xx
    G5 355xxx
    A x02220
    B x24442
    C x35553
    D x57775
    E1 x79997
    E2 022100
    C#m x46654
    G#m 466544
    F#m 244222
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    hey...can ne1 post me d "leads" 4 song---"wonderful tonight-Eric Clapton"..
    i'm quite an amateur wid guitar at dis stage n not at ease wid d chords....
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