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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by marcel, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. marcel

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    Hi everyone,

    My name's Marcel and I'm a singer-songwriter from Singapore. A friend introduced me to this forum so I'm just dropping this note to say hi.

    A little about myself... I'm a journalist turned singer-songwriter. In May this year, I left the working world to pursue my dreams. I embarked on a project to compose one original song every week - for one whole year. At the end of that I hope to launch my first album.

    I'll be chronicling this journey on my blog,, where I'll be uploading all my videos. Nothing fancy really, just me and my guitar.

    I look forward to meeting fellow songwriters and musicians here, so do drop me a note if you like my stuff, or just to say hi :)

  2. falcon74

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    Hi Marcel,

    Welcome to IGT. Glad to read that you decided to wings to your dreams. Wish you success. Do keep coming back and letting us know, how things are going.

  3. marcel

    marcel New Member

    Hi F74,

    Thanks for the welcome and for the encouragement! I'd like to share my new songs every week with the community here. Do you know which are the appropriate threads to do so?

    Best regards,
  4. rickkkyrich

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  5. marcel

    marcel New Member

    Thanks for the link! :)
  6. dudegols28

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    Theres a new artist on the block ! you should check out his song on youtube !!
    devoted to krishna ... the music is amazing .. and apparently all the recordings singing and playi is done by him ... wow ... what has the world come to !!

    type amit goel on youtube .. the track is named hare krishna !

    heres the link .. plz just listen to it .. so many variations !

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