Simple trick for Noiseless Single Coil Pickups for High Gains

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by mymusicmyguitar, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Here is what i did on my Fender Strat and i am pretty satisfied with the sound. Thought of sharing so that u atleast try it out before planning to buy Humbuckers..

    I have a Dimarzio Humbucker on the bridge position. But a Single coil on the neck used to get extremely noisy for high gain solos.....And its not too easy to get the switch on 4th position i.e. Middle + Neck while playing really fast solos which dont give any time to switch the position properly....

    Original Setup:- SSH with 5 way Switch
    1st - Bridge
    2nd - Bridge + Middle
    3rd - Middle
    4th - Middle + Neck
    5th - Neck

    Noisy positions :- 3rd and 5th when gain is turned high

    1st - Bridge
    2nd - Bridge + Middle
    3rd - Middle
    4th - Neck
    5th - Neck + Middle

    Swapped the 5th and the 4th position...Now absolutely no noise on the 5th and switch between neck and bridge is smooth....I saved almost 5.5k for a neck P'up(lol...for a few months :p)
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    Thank You MMMG!
    I learnt something that may come handy in the future today

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