silsiley exact tabs -ma own work

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  1. bctian

    bctian New Member

    022100, 002200, x24400, x46600

    022100 002200
    silsiley yadoon ke tootain nahin

    022100 002200
    baatain wahin raatain wahin

    x46600 x24400 002200
    paali hai manzil sapnain sahbhi

    x46600 x24400 002200
    per jaana dont kno the lyrics

    and now the strumming cums in

    use chords
    022100, 002200, x24400
    dont kno the lyrics


    when u r in deep trouble just see towards the sky :rock:
  2. anth guitarist

    anth guitarist New Member

    i guess in the slow part there is no strumming of chords.....
  3. anth guitarist

    anth guitarist New Member

    and there is hell of shifts between chords
  4. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    Ya agree with Anth....
  5. pakijawan

    pakijawan New Member

    well..if you listen closley there are main 2 shifts in the song ,from the start i mean,in middle he movie only one more time and thats it,and i THINK he movies his finger on A or B strings only.
  6. m_waleed86

    m_waleed86 KhaMosh GhuStAk

    man....somethings wrong with the chords.......maybe there are more chords involved???
  7. anth guitarist

    anth guitarist New Member

    man i already have posted my creation...
    here its again...just the slow part is a problem..but the rest is almost original

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  8. DAWN

    DAWN New Member

    its sara
  9. anth guitarist

    anth guitarist New Member

    hi name is a newbie too but wlcome u here..have fun

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