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  1. such is life

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    Another darker poem/lyrics of mine
    come to think of it
    im not sure ive ever written
    even a slightly happy poem or song before...
    ahh ohwell enjoy. you know if you're into that kind of thing.
    who am i to judge

    i find myself wondering
    when I cant sleep at night
    is a secret a secret
    when theres no one who might
    even care
    all i can do is stare

    as the silence is watching me
    creeping up slow
    its smiles getting bigger
    ive got nowhere to go
    but i try
    only escape lies inside

    and the world that surrounds me
    it feels like a dream
    I've been trying for so long
    but i just cant seem to feel
    i wake up
    and the dream becomes real

    sometimes it comes creeping
    i just let it in
    fighting is futile
    no matter what i do
    it always wins
    i can only take so much before
    my mind caves in...
  2. monica_decosta

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    very neat poetry

    i liked these lines the most..
    sometimes it comes creeping
    i just let it in

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