Should i join any institute to learn guitar?

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  1. cool7683

    cool7683 New Member

    Hi everybody,
    it is nice to be a part of this community.i m just started to learn Guitar.
    So need help from you guys.
    what are the basic steps to follow to play guitar.

    Should i join any institute to learn guitar ?????????
  2. ashu_ghike

    ashu_ghike New Member

    no need buddy
    u can learn online too
    but go in a certain manner
    1 start learning basic chords thats
    G C D with different strumin pattern
    for more info search "guitar beginner" on google


    Hey Cool Bro I Wud Suggest U To 2 Join Some Institute,coz Music Is A Practical Thing U Cant Count On Only Theory,moreover There Sud Be Sum 1 Who Can Correct U.and Geetting A Master U Can Climb The Ladder Faster.move Is Yor Wishes Are Mine.
  4. cool7683

    cool7683 New Member

    Thanks Ashu and Deepan for replying.

    i m going to join a institute.
  5. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    hey cool it man don jump to conclusions...i personally never felt any need of joinin guitar tutorials. the best way is to teach urself. i m self taught too.
    but rem dat there are 2 ways of learning da guitar....1. by the modern method of guitar also called tablation method...and 2. music theory. the 2nd method is very very very difficult n vast,, but it wil make u a professional musician. n rem if u learn it by music theory u'll also be able to play any instrument not just guitar.
    so its for u to decide... if u want da modern method then going to classes wil be wastage of time n money....u can teach urself takin help online. but if u want to be a real pro go for music theory n in dat case i definitely recommend music classes.

    hope this helps...............i m milesfaster...................
  6. cool7683

    cool7683 New Member

    hi miles..

    can u suggest me where i will get proper instruction or steps to learn guitar.
    if you have any link,u can tell me.
  7. milesfastguy

    milesfastguy New Member

    ok im gonna recommend 3 resources. these hav made me the guitarist dat i m today-
    2. OLGA lessons
    3. The essential guitar guide is a grt site n is truly a grt help for absolute beginners. lessons here are written by Dan Cross a pro. the only prob here is dat its incomplete,, a lot of concepts hav been skipped so be careful.
    thankfully OLGA lessons fill all empty spaces created by above. i think u shud google up OLGA to find the correct address....i hav these lessons in text format
    n finally to giv an edge to ur playin abilities u shud search up the essential guitar guide by Dale Churchett. u shud study this da last of all. it will develop ur musical correlate guitar with music theory. it wil be difficult keep dat thing in mind.
    keep another thing in mind- i hav given u these resources in the perfect order,,follow it this way only.
    also be sure to learn sight reading and develop ear training. these will make u dynamic.

    well man i think i hav given u enough homework. rem dont look for anything else coz there r more than enough things on da net.
    so turn on ur launchpads n get going.

  8. udays_w

    udays_w New Member

    No need to join any guitar tuition I feel ...
    I have learned guitar on my own( after joining a useless guitar tuition)

    you can use website
  9. makuboy

    makuboy New Member


    its a waste of money
    dude u can ask ur freinds to teach u
    and 4 wat is this community?
  10. sheermelody

    sheermelody Pianist

    First and foremost, if you want to get your basics right - learn from a "GOOD" teacher, who teaches you theory along with chords. E-learning works fine for some; doesn't work for some - so it's tough to say whether it's the best way for you to learn.

    And secondly, if you join a class/get a teacher, you have to be patient. Music theory seems boring and inconsequential at first, but is the best way to be confident about the music you play.

    So if you have the money to spare, join a good class and get your basics right . Ensure that you do some ear-training. You should be good to go...

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