Should I buy Pluto guitar?

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    I am a beginner.I want to buy Pluto jumbo acoustic guitar.But the specs dont says it has a rosewood back and rosewood sides as well.But says it has Agathis back and sides.Pluto guitars dont have a site to check the specs.Which one is correct?I found that Agathis wood is really bad for guitars.Anyone has these guitars.How is the sound quality and what about durability?I heard that these guitars have pretty bad necks and the necks get bent often.Should I buy a Pluto guitar?Thanx in advance.
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    Hello frnd..the answers for ur queries are ..
    I have a pluto jumbo acoustic guitar model HW 41C-201..
    Cost- 3600 ,when i bought in june 20,2010...frm Raj Musicals,west patel nagar...actually the wood that pluto guitar have is of rosewood..back and front..and plz do focous on my words u said that neck gets my dear..actually pluto is best of the best..till nw i havent untuned it..and i use it roughly and it sounds grt every time i play fulfills my soul..the neck till nw never show any problem to me..its sounds grt each and every plz just relax and go for only pluto..take my words only pluto brother !!! One last thing Bass feature is at the Top of everything..:)

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