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    Hi guys,
    As all of you know that Ramgopal Verma's AAG is going to hit the screen
    this friday. Do you think that this movie create the same magic as SHOLAY
    did in the past .

    Here I am back with some funny comments on RGV's AAG

    1- Just imagine in the Song Ye dosti hum nahin todenge the side car of the
    motorcycle loose at one part of the song and then again join the
    motorcycle later in the song , no problem cause Jai and veeru are in the village
    But now if it happens in RGV's AAG I am sure it is followed by trafic policeman
    having a challan in his hand as the movie is picturised in the metro city.

    2- In Sholay veeru teaches Basanti how to use Gun to get Mango now no more
    mango hunting, maybe in this movie veeru teaches Ghughroo ( name of basanti in
    that movie) how to Bat and break windows of your enemies house.

    3- In sholay Basanti when chased by the villians says to her horse " Bhag dhanno
    aaj teri Basanti ki izzat ka sawaal hai."
    Now Ghungroo is a taxi driver so her lines may be " bhag taxi ( whatever the name
    of taxi is) aaj teri ghungroo ki izzat ka sawal hai ". Talking to a non living thing
    like she is a mental case.

    4- In sholay Thakur saheb's late sons wife ( played by jaya bhaduri ) put laltain in
    the night in the front of the house may be in new verson she is going to on the
    generator in the night .

    Moreover according to the promos in this verson thakur saheb's late sons wife is
    going to sing a song with other .

    5- The angrejon ke zamane ka jailor( played by asrani in sholay) is also absent in
    this verson cause if mr. verma is going to show him he may be about 70 to 80
    years old .
    6- Music ???????????????????
    Just laugh .......................................
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    elfascinating risqué


  3. Super-Admin

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    nothing can come close to sholay.
  4. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

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    anshphenomenon Rape me :boff:

    sachin tendulkar vs virender sehwag
  6. ~Bish

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    Never knew RGV managed to get some ppl from distribution and publicity squad here in IGT..

    But why the hell he kept the name of the movie as Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag.. i mean doesn't it sound like some 'B' grade movie like.. Chameli ki Aag :O
  7. nimitr

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    this RGV ki AAG is surely going to b a super duper flop ...... big time ....... even the b-grade movies wud ve done better than this movie ... jawani ki aag??? chameli ki aag??? WTF??? (in bold) .... shud never make fun of classic movies....

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