Sholay Tune notes?!!

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by Shafaa, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Shafaa

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    Hi guys,

    no one has replied to my post :( is there anyone out there that can help me?

    am luking for the note for sholay tune to play on my harmonica/mouth organ.

    The one that Jai plays when he sees Radha......?!?

  2. brighthorse

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    Total newbie myself..but here goes..

    I bought a harmonica just a couple of days ago...just started playing entry level stuff like "Oh Susanna"..But since the harmonica piece in Sholay was so captivating, looked high and low for any tabs...couldn't find any :-(
    I think the best way to tackle this would be trial and error...but here's something that may help you in your quest.

    This piece on a Nokia phone composer goes something like this:
    8d1 8e1 8#f1 8g1 1b1
    8g1 8b1 8g1 2f1
    4d1 4e1 4#f1 1b1
    2- 4#f1 4b1 1#f1 2- 4d1 4e1 4#f1 1b1 2- 4#f1 4b1 1e1 2- 4g1 4g1 2g1 4#f1 4e1 4d1 4e1 1#c1 4- 8#c1 8d1 8e1 8#f1 8g1 1b1 8g1 8b1 8g1 2f1

    How do you read this?? Let's take 8d1:
    1. The c, d, e etc are the notes as per standard notation (Do/Sa, Re/Re, Mi/Ga etc). So a "d" here is D in music theory (Re)
    2. The "8" in "8d1" denotes the time you need to hold that note. A "32" is shortest, while a "1 " is longest. Essentially, its the 4/4, 8/4 etc way of representing time period/note-beat count
    3. The "1" represents the pitch (in terms of octaves). An "8d2" is the same note as an "8d1", but an octave higher

    With this, you should be able to piece together a crude version. I know its not extremely helpful, but hey! At least its a start!
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  4. clyde2525

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    tu is tarhaaaaa meri zindagi mein shaamil hai
  5. mahmad323

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    sholay tune.....

    You can find the notes for sholay tunes in sargam system at my blog Notations Unlimited or if you want the CMN notations for it........just ask me i will add it there.
    happy playing
  6. mahmad323

    mahmad323 New Member

    C D E A, E A E
    C D E A, E A D

    F~ E D C D b
    b C D E F G A B~ G A F E

    C D E A~, E A E~
    A~ E F, E D C D b
    C N~ G A F E

    If You want the notations to be in can visit Notations Unlimited


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