shattered innocence

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  1. vini

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    a very moving poem i got in my mail>>

    Shattered Innocence
    recurrent images
    of steel blades
    the only truth in the world
    is the glint of light
    reflected from the metal
    slicing through tender skin
    once unblemished, born perfect
    sullied, dirtied and filled quickly
    with the worst
    this world has to offer.

    i could forget all that.
    i could live on hope and dreams
    and overcome anything
    if only you didn't
    throw wood on the fire.
    every time i think i'm done hurting
    there you are
    hurting in hand
    or mouth
    promises as fragile as spun glass
    words hurled thoughtlessly
    emotional shrapnel.

    i keep trying to tell you
    warn you
    plead with you
    please let me have my tenderness
    some quiet days
    some soothing peace
    some respite from the pain
    i keep trying to beg you
    to show you
    how much a cruel word
    can rip open
    the wounds
    inside me.

    -melicia greenwood
  2. guitarangela

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    i really like the title of the poem................
  3. jekyll

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    that WAS moving
  4. hate_eternal

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    Beautiful....but sad.
  5. CrYpTiC_angel

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    yeah... beautiful n sad indeed.....

    thnx 4 sharing it with us vini
  6. CrYpTiC_angel

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    so when do v see smthng coming frm u...???
  7. rocking_devil

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    hmmmmm.....very sadistic a sadistic person:NoNo:
  8. Gravity_defies

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  9. vini

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    thanx for replies every1 :)

    @cryptu..u can check out the 3 poems i have already posted in this forum.. i really wanna write another..but cant seem to find a topic..u can suggest me if u want :grin:

    @ rockingDev

    plz read what i mentioned clearly
    so plz read properly before declaring me a sadistic :mad:
    Geez..some people freak me out so badly :shock:

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