Sham - Aisha (Movie) Guitar Chords/ (Tutorial)

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  1. Shinoda

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    Ok guys...this one i uploaded a week back...but i missed out on posting the link here ...
    So this one is the link...u need a capo for playing the song exactly like they do in the movie....go buy a capo for Rs 70 odd...or make one for urself at's easy..using a pencil and few rubber bands..

    BTW the tutorial is here..


    PS- Will post the non capo version soon if time permits..
  2. tika0614

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  3. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    I know the non capo version is there but it's too difficult to play for a person not at ease with Barre chords....& If you give it a shot in open chords ,then the progression becomes too difficult for you to sing and play together.
    Rest is up to u.

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