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  1. astroguru26

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    left the motherland
    achieved par excellence
    fame ,money ,status..all what i could think off

    drived by ambition
    making myself emotionally deaf and dumb
    never falling prey to those heart wrenching themes

    brought the glory to all back home
    neither hold anyone in hug..feeling love will hold my steps

    with age felt someone near to listen my woes
    felt like home calling ....

    returned back to home
    felt as stranger as noone was there
    the broken pillars of home and windows
    noone knew me by my name...

    parents left abode many years back
    angered on
    emotional breakup
    i punished them by
    never calling them.....

    tears rolled up on my cheeks
    lost my core of immortal support
    after long years
    i am crying for the things i gained in another country....
    money,fame name...
    all looked as useless...

    i lost the whole life to prove myself big for the person i adore...
    my emotional attachment shadowed the sentiments for my parents
    what i have.....

  2. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    no it worthless?

  3. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    Rohit, people not commenting on your poems doesn't mean they're worthless :)

    As for this one, I can 'feel' it more than your other poems somehow, although the (many) grammatical mistakes make it a bit harder to appreciate it.

    A good effort, though :)
  4. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    disntinctness is always counted.....for you have separate style and variations...............i admire that you can feel the sameness....monotonous identity of words.....even theme is differnt in mine creation......

    keep reading ...


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