Set Me Free

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    Wayward ways, hazy days,
    Lying awake when I ought to be asleep,
    Tears in joy, and in pain,
    Pour down like an endless rain

    Punctuality was never a strong point,
    Still the smiles were always on schedule,
    Always fake, seldom true,
    Thrown at random they scattered around

    Just an escape,
    A simple path,
    Away from this, far far away,
    I need to flee

    Shackles bound,
    A chained mind,
    Wanting to flee this vanity,
    Yet kept at bay so doggedly

    I can't run, not with this body,
    That weighs a ton,
    But there's something I can do,
    I would do

    One whiff of the silver cloud,
    An eternity in solitary joy,
    A corner of the world to my own,
    Nestled in and tucked down

    Anesthetic, adrenaline, euphoria,
    I get by pain, wrestle grief down,
    There are are women I love to hate, and women I hate to love,
    But then theres Mary Jane, you are a different one

    Picked me up, pulled me down,
    Segmented sorrows, those days are past now,
    You my darling,
    Have set me free

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