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    Hi Friend,

    SEPTIC is coming up with their debut album this year. Pls visit the following links, download SEPTIC's demo songs, post your feedback and see what others have to say about SEPTIC. Thanks.

    MP3 (Demo) Links:

    Filth of Fate -> - Filth of Fate.MP3

    I Feel So Small -> - I Feel So Small.MP3

    Alive -> - Alive.MP3


    SEPTIC @ Music Tantra:

    SEPTIC @ SellaBand:

    SEPTIC @ SoundClick:

    SEPTIC @ AmaderGaan:

    SEPTIC @ BanglaMusician:

    SEPTIC @ Xampy:

    SEPTIC @ Meefo:

    SEPTIC @ Hi5 (Fan Page):

    SEPTIC @ YouTube (Fan VDO):
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  2. Keoraf

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    Hey bayzid, this sounds really good man, i loved the 2 songs I feel so small and Alive, vocals are good as the music is played very well too, just keep on doing this good job!!!
  3. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    nice nice

    liked the songs....
  4. vini

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    great music...way to go guys
  5. gm_bayzid

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    Hi Frinds... thank you so much... i am really glad that u ppl liked the demos so much... it not even mixed yet properly... thanks... looking forward to post some more demos as soon as we finish recording... pls ask your friends to download SEPTIC's song... and it would be so nice of you... if you post some feedback in those sites... I hope most of the members of IGT will love the songs and thats what we need... your love... thanks once again... keep in touch...


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