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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by srakshit, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I am accumulating a lot of gear as I keep upgrading and buying new instruments, accessories and recording equipment.

    Is there a board here that gets members to sell and trade equipment? I imagine it would be helpful for a few of us.

    I currently have very low-end stuff spare, but I am planning to revamp my entire equipment and instrument collection by the end of the year, and should have some tasty stuff that could help guitarists record or play, but which I wouldn't be using. Couple of guitars, mics, mixers and maybe even a pro soundcard or two.

    I am a member of a community that has a 'Market' forum, but that is only for tech and gadgets - not instruments and such. And oh, I'm interested in/have/can source DIY supplies as well.

    Alternatively there could be one trading thread if the interest is too low to start one forum only for trading.
  2. Life_Sans_Death

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    Do it here
  3. alpha1

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    First thing first.

    Where do you live?
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  5. alpha1

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    I think there would be lotsa ppl in Bombay area - so you are lucky :)

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