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    Processor : Digitech RP300A
    Price : 8k
    It's around 2 years old, still works just as well as when it came. Includes the original adapter and a padded case worth 300~500. Everything good, nothing broken, should go on for years.

    It's pretty versatile, lots of effects (reverb, pickup simulator, 12 dB 3 band EQ with mid range selector, whammy, pitch bender, wah-wah models, phaser, chorus, and tons more) and amp and cab models. It's a fairly good investment for beginners and such - if you tweak it well, you can get a good variety of sounds and also learn the basics of tone shaping.

    Along with it, I have it's original box, a soft carry case with adapter pocket, the original adapter, and the manual.
    Amp : Marshall MG10CD
    Price : 2k
    Also ~2 years old. Everything in good condition. It's a good practice amp, though not the best there is, it works well if you want to just practice alone, or use a processor through the aux input. Good starter amp if you're short on money and want to get started with electric fast.

    Includes original box and manual.
    Reason for selling : Urgent shortage of money.
    Contact : PM here or leave an SMS at 9899237909. I reside in Delhi.


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