Sell Your Soul

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    Sell Your Soul
    He walks in,all of a sudden
    those surreal eyes,they're filled with menace,
    Yet than tongue promises to relieve
    Of your so called burden.

    'Sell your soul,and I promise you this..
    You shall never be alone.'
    Ah,I do cry for some company,
    But I need not a puppet with a heart of stone.

    'Sell it for money then.Enough to bury you in.'
    I think,I and my conscience,both stumble..
    Ah,but how hard does a King fall,
    when falls that paper castle.

    'So,I presume immortality is what you seek'.
    Ah,what good is my soul if I were immortal.
    I consider this,still not believing..
    The prince of darkness,outwitted?
    Ah,but the catch my friends:
    I'd die a thousand deaths
    with each loved one's soul departed.

    But I say,I do wish to be immortal.
    Not physically,but perhaps as a
    legend..or even a mythical memory.
    Maybe as an idiot,who was moronically crass.
    Or maybe as the guy who told the devil,
    to take his offer and shove it up his....
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    madhuresh madhuresh

    i dont knw waht to say .... u started well but ended weak ...anger and frustration are two different things one is a free verb and other a caged i dont knw may be im wrong

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