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  1. tushar14

    tushar14 New Member

    hey every1..

    i am posting the video of a song dat i've written and composed myself..plz check it out and tell me if u like it..even if u dont like it even then tell me! All your comments are welcomed..its written for my girlfriend whom i love a lot..the song is right from the heart..hope u like it..
  2. tushar14

    tushar14 New Member

  3. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    it's a very pleasant tune i agree.......but you have the same problem like me.....the voice is not exactly mu suggestion is you make someone with a pleasant strong voice to sing this!

    all the best!
  4. tushar14

    tushar14 New Member

    thanx 4 d advice..i'll work on it..i know my voice aint dat gud..i guess i really screwed up d last part of it!

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