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Discussion in 'IGT Official Announcements' started by Super-Admin, May 25, 2011.

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    In my previous thread, I mentioned that we have implemented a few extra mods that'll take care of all the spammers, yet after the upgrade we have seen significant increase in the number of spams that's rolling out. Here's why:

    1> Earlier we had - no links in posts till you reach a count of 15 - and this ensured we controlled spam very significantly. With the upgrade, that hook's not working and it needs to be addressed. Figuring out what's wrong is still something we are working at, once that's up we should be good :)

    2> Those who are spamming currently are really smart bots. Since the registration changes we got in, the spam registrations have almost died down, however, those who were registered earlier cannot be validated now. The smart bots had registered a couple of days / weeks ago, and now are spamming very calculatedly. This is where they are winning over us, but I'm sure, this battle won't be for long !!

    Till then, please police and help us :)


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