Second Opinion on Hofner

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by coderanter, May 3, 2009.

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    Hi Bros,

    I am planning on getting a new guitar, somewhere in the range 5K - 9K. I would
    like the guitar to last over 4-5 year period. I am just a novice getting to grips with playing the guitar, and yes seriously thinking of carrying this hobby well into my prime.

    All said and done, I did visit two shops in Mumbai: Shalu Sound, Near CST and the famous Furtados. At these places I strummed a Hofner(Rs 8995) and a Takamine (Rs 10500) as suggested by the sales guy. Both sounded great, but Takamine was a tad better. However, Takamine was a few notches costly too and overshooting my already stretched budget.
    I the end I am pretty satisfied with the Hofner sound and would like to know from you kind
    souls out here about the hofner brand. Will it be a good long term buy for the quoted price? I will be trying to negotiate a discount of at least around 1000 on this further.

    After following a few discussions about the Hobner, Hobmer, Homer brands here,
    I inspected the guitar headstock closely which read Hofner. So I can be surely infer that this refers to the original german guitar maker brand having their plant in china.

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