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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by pavandude, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Well...I'm new to the electric, till now i've been playing the acoustic.But recently i've been thinking of buying an electric, but i wouldn't like to spend more than 4k in the beginning (excl. amps and distortions).I've been to a no. of shops all selling guitars at quite a price, the cheapest being 3.5k or something (It was a local made, semi solid, bad switches and controls, poor state guitar), it wasnt something i wanted.I suddenly thought i could go for a 2nd hand or used guitars, but other than, something which is in Bangalore, do any of you know where we get 2nd hand guitars or anyone planning to sell theirs could you please lemme know.

    I've seen lotta people wanting to buy used ones first but dont know where to get it from, even if they did it'd be from their cousin's friend's sister's boy friend.
  2. Double Click

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    Try the classifieds on RSJonline.

    BTW since you've been playin for some time now, I'd suggest you stretch your budget a bit if you can and take a look at the GB&A guitars....some of them are pretty decent.
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    GB&a has gone down in quality like crazy.
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    I played a GB&A belongin to one of my friends and it was MUCH better than most givsons... but his was around 2 yrs old so.....

    How about ARIA guitars, they seem to be recommended a lot on harmony central!
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    GB&a has to be better than a givson.givson's got a sad can as well go for a washburn starters pack which comes with an amp and eberything u need to start out.and the guitar looks really cool might cost you around 15-16 grand.but why do you wanna limit ur self make a onetime investment or probly save some more to buy a better guitar.even if you buy one now yuo'll be happy with it for a year or two at the max and later start cribbing.think before deciding you hav an option of a squier strat pack(i own one too)on a washburn.
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    There's a new forum i found, indian gear trading forum, chk it out. I've posted my ad.
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